Disc Golf

disc golf logoAlso referred to as Frisbee golf, disc golf follows the general pattern and most of the rules of golf, except that it is played by the tossing of a Frisbee, or disc, rather than using a golf club and golf balls. In the same way as you get around a golf course in traditional golf by completing each hole in as few shots as possible, in disc golf the player must get his disc into a basket from his designated starting point in as few tosses as possible. Each subsequent toss is taken from a standing position from where the disc landed from the previous.

Even the terminology used in traditional golf is replicated in disc golf with the initial throw or ‘drive’ taking place from a ‘teeing’ zone. The initial longer range tosses are referred to as ‘approach’ shots and those directly aimed at getting the disc into the basket are ‘putts’. Each basket also has a par and players work on improving their handicap by recording their success in games played. Playing Disc Golf Disc golf is played by a wide variety of people and is suitable for participants of all ages from school children to the elderly making it a sport which can be played for a lifetime. It is also much easier to pick up and play at a basic level than traditional golf. You don’t need to spend hours and hours of frustration at a driving range before you are able to manage a basic toss. It also doesn’t involve a lot of expense as both the disc itself and courses are extremely cheap making it a game which can be enjoyed on the tightest of budgets. With thousands of both permanent and temporary courses set up around the world disc golf can be considered a truly international sport these days.

The discs used in disc golf do differ from the plastic Frisbees you are familiar with. Smaller and heavier with a slim aerodynamic build, disc golf discs are made to be thrown further and more precisely than standard Frisbees. Disc golfers also have golf bags which will standardly contain 10 to 20 golf discs which are used for different kinds of throws such as driving, approach throws and putts. Some discs are designed to turn right and left as well as to be thrown straight though beginners usually stick to approach and putter discs which are designed to be thrown straight.